Archery in Madrid

multiaventura para niños archery Madrid

A healthy activity for all the family!

The multi-adventure offer we have prepared for you at Camping Monte Holiday could not miss a perfect sport for all the family.

Enjoy archery in Madrid inside the facilities of our Adventure Park, situated in the middle of a natural environment and surrounded by the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park mountains.

A sport with multiple benefits

Get started in archery in Madrid and benefit from all this activity’s profits. Even though it can be seen as a simple sport, archery activates many more muscles than you think. Also, it makes you develop several skills and abilities.

The strength and the tension to hold the bow will be good training for the upper part of your body. At the same time, sight, accuracy, and aim are just some of the skills you will improve practising this complete sport.

In addition, archery is a perfect and highly recommended activity to release stress and forget about the daily routine.
In short, what are you waiting for to discover and start practising archery in Madrid, inside the campsite facilities?

You will adore it!

multiaventura para niños adventure park Madrid
tiro con arco en Madrid archery Madrid

A leisure activity for adults and children

Archery is one of those surprising activities that end up captivating those who try it. Its apparent simplicity hides excellent support for all ages and levels. Although it does not require excessive physical preparation, archery is an optimal option to train any person, apart from being a pleasant leisure activity. Time will go by fast!

Children are fond of archery, and what is more, this sport helps them to improve their concentration and also their motility. Adults, on the other hand, are quickly fond of it, as they relish practising it and, above all, they relax and release stress during the whole activity.

There are no age limits to practise this sport. Therefore, you are all welcome to enjoy the best archery in Madrid, at Camping Monte Holiday.


Archery for Beginners
at Camping Monte Holiday

During this course of archery in Madrid, you will acquire the necessary concepts to enjoy this complete sport safely. Our professional instructors will teach you the best body posture, how to put your feet correctly, or how to hold the bow to activate muscles properly and, of course, to obtain maximum efficacy in the shot.

Archery at Camping Monte Holiday is practised in a closed archery shooting range, following all the required safety measures. The arrows we provide are the conventional ones for adults, and safe sucker arrows for children.

The archery range used for our course for beginners has two training areas:


Target area with two lanes

This archery range is dedicated to the practice of target shooting, as well as learning and improving the use of the bow and body posture.


Training aim area

Instead of targets, you will find balloons, hoops and several different objects. In this zone, what we do is train the players’ aim, as well as help them improve their skill and ability with the bow.

Do you still need more reasons to visit the wonderful environment surrounding our campsite?

Come to Camping Monte Holiday, and get ready to discover a fantastic world of adventures in the heart of nature!