The best camping in Madrid for children

Campings there are many. In Madrid they are of good quality and located in the Sierra. But, what should have the best camping in Madrid for children ?. These are some of the keys that we have selected for you to succeed in your vacations with the children.

Where is the “best campsite in Madrid” for children located?

In the Sierra de Madrid. Because Madrid has a lot of nature: Sierra de Guadarrama National Park, Sierra del Rincón Biosphere Reserve, ZEPA zones (Special Protection for Birds) and many more protected areas. In the Lozoya Valley there is the best conserved nature area of ​​the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park.

And if you want to visit Madrid and Segovia, another reason to sleep in a campsite in Madrid in the Sierra is that you will sleep cool, without suffering the calorazos of Madrid. The campsites located in the Sierra de Madrid are between 1,000 and 1,200 meters above sea level. The temperature with respect to Madrid varies between 5-7 degrees of difference per day. At night the temperature difference is greater, being able to reach 10-15 degrees. Here we sleep with the sack or the blanket in the days of heat wave.

What has the “best camping in Madrid” for children ?.

The campsites of Madrid are well connected by highway with Madrid, all have a swimming pool, restaurant, grocery store. The “best camping in Madrid for children” has specific facilities and activities such as multi-adventure park, or dramatized farm.

The best fun for children is in the Sierra de Madrid, in Monte Holiday Ecoturismo.

All have animation, more or less sophisticated. There is that the animation is for children from 3 to 12 years with “smart” content. Because we think that children must be treated in an intelligent way: they will learn things of nature, of living together with other children, of respect for others and they will have a great time!.

The best camping in Madrid for children organizes activities that have content beyond pure entertainment. The holidays are an ideal time to educate in values ​​that a modern society needs. Young, university parents give a lot of value to the offer of “intelligent” animation.

Family activities are common in the best campsite in Madrid with children. The best camping in Madrid for children.

There is a campsite in Madrid that is ideal to rest after visits with children to the Waner, Faunia or the Amusement Park, away from the noise and heat of Madrid.
What to do with children in Madrid staying at the best campsite in Madrid for children
If you come from outside of Madrid, you will love taking children to the most important attractions for children. Here we have selected the coolest ones:

  • Faunia. A modern zoo with small and medium-sized animals, an aquarium, a raptor exhibition area and many workshops. Ideal for the day, 50 minutes from Monte Holiday Ecoturismo
  • Warner. Warner theme park, 1h15 minutes from Mount Holiday Ecotourism..
  • Safari Park. Safari animal theme park, 1h30 minutes from Mount Holiday Ecotourism.
  • Madrid Zoo.Animal theme park for children. 1h00 from Monte Holiday Ecoturismo.
  • Amusement Park of Madrid.  1 hour from Monte Holiday Ecoturismo.
  • Micrópolix, the largest leisure center for children in the interior, under cover in Madrid. 40 minutes.
  • The Monte Holiday theatrical farm. The only agrocomedia of the Community of Madrid. In Monte Holiday Ecotourism
  • Monte Holiday multi-adventure park. Zip line, rope park, human football, climbing wall. For families and toddlers. In Monte Holiday Ecotourism.
  • Canoes in Madrid. Guided by our monitor and in calm waters. 10 minutes from Monte Holiday Ecoturismo.
  • Shows and entertainment for children in Madrid . circus, magicians, puppets. Every Saturday at Monte Holiday Ecoturismo.



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