Caravan Park

Caravan park in Madrid

Camping Monte Holiday offers a motorhome & caravan park in Madrid nature, just a one-hour drive from the city, and in the heart of one of the most beautiful spots of the community.

Choose Camping Monte Holiday’s caravan park facilities, in the middle of the Lozoya valley, inside the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the natural charm of one of the best-preserved spots in the Community of Madrid.

Besides, you will discover the excellent facilities and the wide range of services and leisure activities we offer at our campsite, the best valued by families in Spain and abroad.

Finally, our caravan park in Madrid provides a strategic situation just in the middle of the Spanish map, relatively close to numerous exciting tourist destinations such as our region (the Community of Madrid), Segovia, Guadalajara, Ávila or Toledo.

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Why choose our caravan park in Madrid

Discover pour two caravan park options

At Camping Monte Holiday, you have two motorhomes, camper vans, tents or caravan park options at your disposal:


Parking monthly rate


In this option, the caravan park reservation for the entire month will have to be paid in advance at the moment of the contract agreement. Payment will exclusively be accepted by direct bank debit or advance bank payment of the total of the hired months.


Cumulative parking rate*


In case you prefer to rent the cumulative caravan park option, the indicated monthly amount will be redeemed for the caravan camping stays in our caravan pitches. That is to say, the mentioned quantity will be redeemable or amortisable.

Terms & conditions applicable when contracting the cumulative caravan parking option

Whenever you book the cumulative caravan parking, an annual agreement will have to be signed, with the corresponding payment, the natural year (from January 1st to December 31st) being the reference for the definition of each period.  

Period of validity

On the other hand, the period of validity for the use and enjoyment of the cumulative caravan park is as follows:

  • From January the 1st to June the 1st, except for Easter and May bank holidays. 
  • From June the 2nd to July the 13th, except for the weekends (Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights).

In addition, the cumulative parking will not be valid during the following period, referred to dates of the stay:

  • From July the 14th to December the 31st. 
Booking terms & conditions
  • Cumulative caravan parking clients could book this place for any of the above-mentioned periods. However, the said reservation must be made via email, and include all the information and the details about the stay. Once the booking request of a parking place in our caravan park in Madrid is received, the campsite reception will proceed to the confirmation or cancellation, as appropriate. 
  • Clients with a cumulative caravan parking contract must register all the family unit members staying in our campsite during the period established and agreed.
  • Daily visits of non-clients to caravan cumulative parking clients will not be included in the redeemable payment. Therefore it will mean an extra daily supplement.
  • Cumulative caravan park use is considered an offer or promotion. And as such, it cannot be combined with other promotions or discounts such as the half-day or the 24-hour one.   
  • The amortisable period goes from January the 1st to December the 31st. Unused days cannot be accumulated for future annuities. 

All the stays within the following periods: from June the 1st to July the 15th, both inclusive, and from August the 17th to end of the swimming pool season, will have the specific cancellation conditions applicable to this specific period. Thus, the cumulative caravan parking reservation (Option B) for stays within the above-mentioned periods, entails the following cancelation penalties:

◦ Cancellation produced more than 30 days before the arrival date will mean the withholding 2,5% of the total stay.

◦ Between 30 and 7 days prior to the arrival date, 25% of the stay will be withheld.

◦ Less than 7 days prior to the arrival, 50% of the stay will be withheld.

General terms & conditions applicable to the caravan park service 

These terms & conditions apply to the two caravan parking options (A & B). 

  • Our caravan park in Madrid can be used exclusively in the plots allocated by the campsite Management. If for any reasons or circumstances the allocated plot would have to be modified, Camping Monte Holiday will conveniently inform the client and proceed to move the caravan, motorhome, camper van or tent. 
  • It is compulsory to register the license plate of the caravan and the car, both being active exclusively during the stays. 
  • It is required that all the people entering Camping Monte Holiday facilities are conveniently registered at the reception desk from the very first moment. Equally, all the movements, such as entering or leaving caravans, or even plot modification, must be communicated at the campsite reception desk. 
  • Full monthly payments will be charged, even though the client decides to leave earlier, before the end of the month. 
  • Camping Monte Holiday will send the new caravan parking conditions for the following year to all clients, with annual frequency and during the month of November of the current year. 
  • Both the continuity and the withdrawal or non-renewal of contracted prig place must be communicated to the Camping Monte Holiday reception at least 30 days in advance. Otherwise, we will assume that the parking place is not renewed, and therefore it will remain at the campsite Management’s disposal. 

For further information regarding our caravan park in Madrid, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to inform you.
You can download our booking caravan parking conditions in PDF on the following link

Also, our 2023 general rates are available on the following link

Finally, you will find our establishment general terms & conditions applying to all types of camping and lodging at Camping monte Holiday on the following document.