Family climbing in Madrid

Within the multi-adventure proposal at Camping Monte Holiday, you will find the best family climbing in Madrid. Our facilities (climbing walls) are perfectly adapted and conditioned for children and adults, so that you can enjoy this fantastic sport altogether.

Level does not matter to participate in this activity, and the minimum age is just 4 years old! A perfect plan in nature for all the family!

multiaventura para niños family climbing Madrid


  • Activity length: 1 hour.
  • Rate per persone: from 15€.
  • N. people: Small groups of a maximum of 4 persons.
  • Equipment included: helmet, harnesses, carabiners, GriGri belay devices, and all the necessary gear to guarantee maximum safety.
  • Professional instructors.
  • Availability: every Sunday.
  • Advanced reservation is required on +34 91.869.52.78, or via WhatsApp on +34 691.58.45.23.

Climbing course for beginners

At Camping Monte Holiday, we have prepared a fabulous climbing course for beginners, a demanding but healthy and gratifying sport. During an entertaining hour, you will have the opportunity to practise two levels of climbing; keep reading, and we will tell you right now.

Enjoy family climbing in Madrid at Camping Monte Holiday and enter the wonderful world of ascent sports. You’ll love it!

Introduction to climbing and first experiences

At the first moment, our family climbing course in Madrid starts with the Bouldering modality. Bouldering consists of climbing low walls (in our case, a 3 metre high wall), in which you don’t need ropes but only thick cushy pads and mats conveniently placed on the floor. This first part of the course takes place in an indoor climbing wall within Camping monte Holiday facilities.

You will learn several basic notions such as choosing the proper grips, placing your feet correctly, finding the best ways up… In brief, you will have to solve a sequence of moves with your body as you move up the wall, all necessary to go forward and continue with the second part of this climbing course in the Sierra de Madrid.

Climbing wall

Once the last part is over, our climbing course offers an authentic climbing experience.

This time, you will enjoy our tridimensional four-sided climbing wall, situated inside Camping Monte Holiday multi-adventure park. At 9 metres high, this climbing wall offers several climbing levels, as it faithfully imitates natural rock walls. The ascent provides double safety for all the participants, we remind you, adults and children from 4 years old.

Therefore, in this part of the course, climbers will have complete safety equipment in order to enjoy this sports activity with maximum safety.

In this case, we will practise the Top rope modality, also known as Moulinette. The Top rope technique is one of the safest ways to enjoy this demanding sport since the rope goes over the climber, who will thus always be well entrenched. You will practise vertical climbing and learn how to rappel down.

Family climbing in the Sierra de Madrid

escalada para niños Sierra de Madrid family climbing Madrid

As you can see, this amusing and healthy activity is perfect for the family to approach the climbing fundamentals easily, with fun and safety.

By the way, we inform you that apart from this climbing course for beginners, we offer more advanced climbing courses to perfect your technique and broaden your knowledge. Contact us.

Thus, you know, if you fancy enjoying real active tourism in the middle of nature, and would like the children to forget their digital devices and screens for a while, there is nothing better than staying at Camping Monte Holiday and having the best experience in the heart of the beautiful Lozoya valley. Great activities such as family climbing in Madrid. What a great plan!