Eco farm

Ecotourist farm in Madrid

Let us show you our ecological green garden and our fantastic ecotourist farm in Madrid!

Discover how the daily life of an authentic farm really is: the animals care, the way we keep the green garden, and the plants and vegetables we grow in each season.

A different leisure activity, original as didactic, and of course, real fun. Children will love it!

ecotourist farm in Madrid


  • Activity is available every Saturday, a previous reservation is required.
  • Adults entry: 9€. Children: 6€.
  • Circular guided tour throughout all our ecotourist farm facilities.
  • We recommend wearing sunscreen, a cap, and comfortable closed-toed shoes. Also, it is advisable to bring some mineral water.
  • Activity is available only for campsite clients. Otherwise, the acquisition of our daily pass is needed.
El mejor camping en Madrid para niños ecotourist farm in Madrid

Farm tales & rural stories

From our full respect and love towards animals and nature Camping Monte Holiday, we have created a fun, natural, healthy, and didactic activity around our green garden and ecotourist farm in Madrid.

Apart from learning everything about farm animals and how to raise them daily… Aside from discovering how to grow a green garden, how to collect the fruits, vegetables and plants properties, and the work required to maintain it throughout the year… Other than that, we will make your guided tour even more enjoyable at our ecotourist farm.

We put faith in the creativity of our farm tales and rural stories, told in a lively fashion by the farmers. Exciting stories, loads of curiosities, and a hilarious staging, in which the whole family can participate! You will love it!

ecotourist farm in Madrid

Guided tour

You cannot miss our fantastic gardeners on our ecotourist farm in Madrid. Nicanora and Hortensia are the oldest gardeners of the whole Serrano West of Madrid;).

Both wish to welcome you to their farm on Saturday, so they can tell you absolutely everything and make you laugh with their jokes, funny stories and witty tales.

It doesn’t matter if you are a child or not that young, because on this funny ecotourist farm for children in Madrid, adults will also learn a lot!

Do you know what a fractal cabbage is? Or what are the properties and benefits of the propolis? Would you name the endemic flowers of our Lozoya valley?

How many piglets can a mum pig nurse at a time? Do you know what the tasks of the dogs on the farm are? What about medicinal plants? Do you have any notions of their benefits? You cannot imagine how many exciting things you and your family will discover on our ecotourist farm in Madrid. You can’t miss it!

ferme pour enfants Madrid ecotourist farm in Madrid
ferme pour enfants Madrid ecotourist farm in Madrid

A healthy activity

As you see, a fun and didactic activity such as our farm guided tour offers many clear advantages for children and adults.

Besides, this leisure proposal is quite healthy as well.

First, it is a 100% open-air activity. Second, our ecotourism farm in Madrid is located in a peaceful rural setting, surrounded by nature, and where pollution is much lower than in the city. Remember that Camping Monte holiday is in the middle of the beautiful Lozoya valley! And next, this activity facilitates relaxation and reduces stress, both in children and adults, at the very first moment they get into the farm, and are involved by the friendly and slow atmosphere.

More benefits? Sure! For example, raising awareness of the importance of preserving the environment and respecting nature, mainly in the youngest ones… And the last gift of this leisure activity (though we indeed forget some more) is that it encourages creativity in the children.

So what are you waiting for to book your stay here and enjoy your visit to our ecotourism farm for families in Madrid?

Contact us. We look forward to welcoming you at Camping Monte Holiday!

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