Campings there are many. In Madrid they are of good quality and located in the Sierra. But, what should have the best camping in Madrid for children ?. These are some of the keys that we have selected for you to succeed in your vacations with the children.

Where is the “best campsite in Madrid” for children located?

In the Sierra de Madrid. Because Madrid has a lot of nature: Sierra de Guadarrama National Park, Sierra del Rincón Biosphere Reserve, ZEPA zones (Special Protection for Birds) and many more protected areas. In the Lozoya Valley there is the best conserved nature area of ​​the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park.

And if you want to visit Madrid and Segovia, another reason to sleep in a campsite in Madrid in the Sierra is that you will sleep cool, without suffering the calorazos of Madrid. The campsites located in the Sierra de Madrid are between 1,000 and 1,200 meters above sea level. The temperature with respect to Madrid varies between 5-7 degrees of difference per day. At night the temperature difference is greater, being able to reach 10-15 degrees. Here we sleep with the sack or the blanket in the days of heat wave.

What has the “best camping in Madrid” for children ?.

The campsites of Madrid are well connected by highway with Madrid, all have a swimming pool, restaurant, grocery store. The “best camping in Madrid for children” has specific facilities and activities such as multi-adventure park, or dramatized farm.

The best fun for children is in the Sierra de Madrid, in Monte Holiday Ecoturismo.

All have animation, more or less sophisticated. There is that the animation is for children from 3 to 12 years with “smart” content. Because we think that children must be treated in an intelligent way: they will learn things of nature, of living together with other children, of respect for others and they will have a great time!.

The best camping in Madrid for children organizes activities that have content beyond pure entertainment. The holidays are an ideal time to educate in values ​​that a modern society needs. Young, university parents give a lot of value to the offer of “intelligent” animation.

Family activities are common in the best campsite in Madrid with children. The best camping in Madrid for children.

There is a campsite in Madrid that is ideal to rest after visits with children to the Waner, Faunia or the Amusement Park, away from the noise and heat of Madrid.
What to do with children in Madrid staying at the best campsite in Madrid for children
If you come from outside of Madrid, you will love taking children to the most important attractions for children. Here we have selected the coolest ones:

  • Faunia. A modern zoo with small and medium-sized animals, an aquarium, a raptor exhibition area and many workshops. Ideal for the day, 50 minutes from Monte Holiday Ecoturismo
  • Warner. Warner theme park, 1h15 minutes from Mount Holiday Ecotourism..
  • Safari Park. Safari animal theme park, 1h30 minutes from Mount Holiday Ecotourism.
  • Madrid Zoo.Animal theme park for children. 1h00 from Monte Holiday Ecoturismo.
  • Amusement Park of Madrid.  1 hour from Monte Holiday Ecoturismo.
  • Micrópolix, the largest leisure center for children in the interior, under cover in Madrid. 40 minutes.
  • The Monte Holiday theatrical farm. The only agrocomedia of the Community of Madrid. In Monte Holiday Ecotourism
  • Monte Holiday multi-adventure park. Zip line, rope park, human football, climbing wall. For families and toddlers. In Monte Holiday Ecotourism.
  • Canoes in Madrid. Guided by our monitor and in calm waters. 10 minutes from Monte Holiday Ecoturismo.
  • Shows and entertainment for children in Madrid . circus, magicians, puppets. Every Saturday at Monte Holiday Ecoturismo.


caravana y camping en Madrid

The days lengthen, the Sierra is full of snow. But, where to go with a motorhome near Madrid? The Lozoya Valley, in the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park is a great option to go with a motorhome near Madrid.

The motorhomes are fashionable. And if you go with children, even more. It is the ideal way to move several days and bring the bikes, winter clothes, the ball, your favorite things to enjoy in the field …

Where to go with a motorhome near Madrid?

The Lozoya Valley, in the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park is, in my opinion, the most beautiful site in the Community of Madrid. It is little touched by the hand of man, there are no urbanizations, the towns are small and beautiful, there are forests of oaks, pine trees, holly trees, junipers, birches. There is snow during the winter and good part of the spring, glacial lagoons, reservoirs, roads and forest tracks to ride with children. Pure air and tranquility.

Peñalara is the highest mountain in the Sierra de Guadarrama – belonging to the Central system – and the Spanish provinces of Madrid and Segovia, with an altitude of 2428 meters above sea level. It is one of the most emblematic peaks of this mountainous system and its summit is the highest point of the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park.

The White Stork is a popular bird in almost all Spanish regions. Its habit of nesting in churches and other high buildings has determined that its presence is familiar to everyone. The return of the first storks in the month of February is usually an event in the Lozoya Valley, where they nest in tall trees and electricity towers, always near very wet meadows and bogged areas, where they get their food.

Bungalows are many, of different types, but how do I choose a bungalow in Madrid ?. Choosing the right bungalow in the right installation is a very personal matter, depending on the type of lifestyle you are carrying. These reasons that I describe below are for a family with children, who likes nature so much, sports in nature, healthy food, talking with other people and curiosity about what happens in our environment from a point of view. always scientific view. And they are the product of going with my family to many bungalows in Madrid, in the rest of Spain and in Europe.

These are some keys, important in my opinion, to choose bungalow in Madrid:

That are adapted to children. Easy to enter and exit, there are no streets with traffic. Better the layout of the bungalows in Madrid in pedestrian areas and arranged “al quintabolillo”. Children can play without needing to be very aware of the cars.
That the camping is for families with children. The rest of the camping bungalows in Madrid should have families with children. It’s much more fun, because children can play with neighbors, and we make sure that the neighbors are going to be quiet people. I particularly avoid the campsites that accept teenagers, because my daughter could not play with them and you risk there being noises.

Whether they are new or new. A bungalow wears out with the use of a much more intense than a country house or a hotel room. It enters and leaves the street continuously with sand, earth, water. On the other hand, it is subject to the inclemencies of time in a much more direct way. Especially if the bungalow is in the Sierra de Madrid, where the weather is more adverse.
That they be of modern design. There it goes in tastes, but the tendency is to design the bungalows in Madrid with larger common spaces. Large living room with large windows, and large terrace to enjoy the good weather outdoors. The current architects who design bungalows in Madrid intend to make nature inside the bungalow.
That they are very separated from each other. A bungalow in Madrid that is on large plots will allow you more privacy and you will not hear your neighbor as if he were inside the house. Many establishments package people like sardines. In some cases the distance between the bungalows or mobile homes is a couple of meters. Remember that you come to nature!
Have views. The bungalows in Madrid, except in some establishments, are located in many cases in bottoms of valley, dehesas where the most beautiful sight that you are going to have is the one of the bungalow of next. The nature tourism in the bungalows in Madrid and in general in Spain has little appreciation for providing privacy and therefore views to customers. I choose when I go on vacation the bungalows-landscape, that is, the ones that the landscape enters inside the bungalow.

That they are clean. Being clean means ensuring that the bungalows have to be thoroughly cleaned by a cleaning professional, not the client. When in a campsite I have been offered a bungalow in Madrid where the client is the one who cleans, because if they do not take the deposit, and then review the camping staff in 15 minutes, I have always refused. I like the total hygiene and depth, in addition to going to the bungalows in Madrid to rest. To clean already I do it in my house. 🙂

Bungalow or mobilhome?

I particularly prefer that they be bungalows. The measurements improve habitability and do not move. Eye that in some establishments they sell stays in mobilhome that are not prepared neither for the cold nor for the heat, they buy them for coastal zones, above all they are French, and then they install them in zones of interior.
That use renewable energies and are well isolated. The insulation is fundamental, because there will be less temperature oscillations and more thermal inertia. I am one of those who think that a bungalow in Madrid has to have yes or if renewable energies because we are in nature. If they have environmental policy, EMAS type, Ecocamping, ISO, better. I believe that sustainability in tourism, and especially in nature, is essential.

Have respect for the people, the workers, and the clients. It’s called corporate social responsibility. That they are integrated in the community in which they are installed, that is, that they contribute to employment and the payment of taxes locally and in Spain. That hire local workers, is very important in the lifestyle of those who practice sustainable tourism, ecotourism or nature tourism, it is as the tourism activity returns the service to the society where it is installed.

The family atmosphere also counts to choose a bungalow in Madrid.

Other important considerations for me are that there is animation that is formative and fun and that my daughter learns.