Charging station for electric cars in Madrid

Charging station for electric cars in Madrid

Where to charge an electric car in the Madrid region?

At Camping Monte Holiday we have a charging station for electric cars in Madrid, in the middle of nature of the Sierra Norte. Within our facilities, our guests can find and use two types of electric chargers:

Charging station for electric cars Madrid

Our electric car chargers are not certified to be used with adapters. Therefore, only Tesla vehicles and those having an European plug Type 2 (the standard plugging in Europe) are suitable to be charged in our charging station for electric cars here in Camping Monte Holiday.

The use of our charging station for electric cars is totally free for all our guests

To give you an approximate notion, the full electric charge usually takes about 35 minutes. Just the time to have a drink and relax surrounded by the fantastic views of the mountains featuring from the terrace of our restaurant-bar. As our charging station for electric cars in Madrid is located inside the restaurant parking lot, El Fogón de Guille, inside the facilities of our campsite, Camping Monte Holiday. For further details, please contact us.  

charging station electric cars Madrid
charging station electric cars Madrid

Charge point in a natural environment

Our charging station for electric cars in Madrid is available for all our guests within the eco resort facilities, in the middle of the Sierra Norte, and in the heart of the stunning Lozoya valley. Using our charger station is completely free of charge;) for our guests. Because at Camping Monte Holiday we care about your maximum comfort during your stay here with us. Also, because we would like you to enjoy the best during your adventure in nature, without giving up technology and all the daily comforts you’re used to. 

All the staff at Camping Monte Holiday is always at your service, ensuring maximum satisfaction during your stay. We work daily to provide our guests comfort and well-being by caring for every detail.  

Therefore, the low battery of your car won’t be a problem any longer to have an incredible and singular experience here at the beautiful Madrid Sierra Norte

Join the sustainability challenge and spend a few days in this wonderful little paradise in the Community of Madrid with your electric or hybrid car. We are just a one-hour’s drive from the capital.  

You may prefer to get to the campsite by public transport. In that case, check our contact page; at the bottom, you will find all the indications to arrive at Camping Monte Holiday by coach from the Madrid city centre. Welcome to enjoy a restful getaway in nature! And, by the way, practise truly sustainable tourism! We are looking forward to welcoming you!

charging station electric cars Madrid

A sustainable campsite with technology and innovation​

At Camping Monte Holiday we offer a charging station for electric cars in Madrid. This charging area is at our entire disposal during your stay with us. Remember that it is situated in the parking lot of our campsite restaurant, El Fogón de Guille.

All the team at Camping Monte Holiday is seriously committed to preserving and taking care of the environment. Therefore, we are always trying to keep informed about the latest news on technology and innovation, as well as on everything related to improving our natural environment. Since 2004, Camping Monte Holiday has been included in the European EMAS register. This volunteer environmental management system helps us to accomplish our commitment to the planet for more sustainable tourism. This way, every year we ensure to make improvements and new objectives to our corporate environmental policy.

Apart from using 100% renewable energy in our daily activity (biomass and solar energy), at Camping Monte Holiday, we stand up for sustainable and regenerative tourism. A new type of tourism with a positive impact on the environment, a significant reduction of carbon emissions, optimisation of resources, the promotion of local commerce and the awareness of both employees and clients.

If you would like to know further about our corporate environmental policy and our personal commitment to the environment, visit here our environmental statement. 

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